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The complete list of modifications that will take effect during the T20 World Cup 2022 !

The complete list of modifications that will take effect during the T20 World Cup 2022 !
top five icc new rules

A permanent restriction on using the ball on the ball was one of the new laws that were released on Tuesday by the International Cricket Council (ICC). These new regulations were introduced in addition to the rules for bowling.

The new rules of the game will be implemented immediately after October 1 and will be used for the subsequent Shell Uriz World Cup.

The following is a rundown of the modifications to the rules of the game that have been made by the International Cricket Council.

To begin, the new ball and the honky are both in play, and when the catch is made, the following will occur: When a player is caught out, the new ball and the honky are on strike, as per the new regulations that were recently implemented by the International Cricket Council.

Previously, the striker would go to the strike in the event that the ball and the hooky were stolen before the catch, and the ball and the hooky would go to the striker. This is no longer the case.

2nd: Prohibition on balls Players are not permitted to use balls or balls to shine the ball; this ban was previously set by the Covid-19 limitations and will continue to be in effect forever. This law was first imposed by the Covid-19 restrictions.

Dream: The new ball and hockey player should be ready to face the wing in the one-day test game in two minutes, and the time will be set for 90 seconds. In reality, the game will only last one day.

Fourth: Unfair movement of the fielding player The fielding player “Lori” is considered to be a gypsy if he moves unjustly, which means he alters his position, while the ball is in motion when it is being played. Five penalties will be awarded because of the ball and the side.

In addition, the International Cricket Council has given its approval to new amendments that will be implemented in 2023 regarding the amounts of in-game penalties that will be assessed during ODIs, ODIs, and Super League Cups. After the contest is over, he is free to submit his application.

If the fielding team does not fulfil their acts at the allotted time, the runner is required to join the remaining fielders in the circle in order to keep the game going according to the regulations.

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