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Statements of past and present players and commentators about today’s great victory of Afghanistan

Statements of past and present players and commentators about today's great victory of Afghanistan

In the first match of this year’s Asia Cup, the Afghan squad trounced Sri Lanka by a significant margin. As a result, Afghanistan’s chances of advancing to the next round were significantly improved.
In this regard, cricket players and analysts have made statements, which we reproduce below for your perusal:

Wasim Jaffer, a former player for India, commented on the match by saying that it was “not just a triumph, but a message to other teams.”

A well-known Indian analyst by the name of Harsha Bogli wrote, “The performance of the Afghan squad has left a strong impression on me. Not only do they have batters who are talented and mindful of the situation, but they also have spinners who are quite good. They are making progress in the correct direction.”

In addition, Bugli lauded Rahmanullah Garbz, who scored a rapid 40 runs today, stating that several of Rahmanullah Garbz’s shots were of a very high calibre.

“Some of Rahmanullah Garbaz’s photos have a very special quality to them. I had been looking forward to watching him play today, and although I didn’t get the chance to do so, I don’t regret it.”

In reference to the game, the leader of the Sri Lankan cricket team, Shanka, stated that although situations like these are common in Twenty20 matches, the white bowlers should have bowled better than they did.

Shanka claims that the outcome could have been different if he had bowled first; nonetheless, he also asserts that he will do exceptionally well in the match against Bangladesh.

The bowling performance of Afghan fast bowler Farooqui, who got the first wicket and placed the Sri Lankan squad under strain, has earned the admiration of the team’s skipper, who expressed satisfaction with his team’s overall performance.

Nabi continued by saying that the team’s spirit has been boosted as a result of today’s victory, and he expressed his hope that it will continue to be reflected in their play in the next matches.

Fazlul Haque Farooqi, who was the best player of today’s match, stated that he is comfortable with both the new and old balls and will play confidently for his team anytime it is required. Fazlul Haque Farooqi was the greatest player of today’s match.

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